The MTC Experience


Hi family and friends!

It’s already been a week since I got into the MTC or the Philippines Missionary Training Center. I’ll stay here for another 2 weeks in order to study and learn more on how to become an effective missionary in the field. So if ever you want to give me a present (letter or package :P), just address it to Sister Bordeos and drop it by the MTC, hahaha 😀

So far, every experience has been enlightening. I’ve had struggles here as well. You’ll learn in the MTC that missionary work is something that you should be serious about. It’s not a break from your life, it’s actually real life with real experiences. In here, I realized that I still need to improve a lot more and stay focused all the time. I have to study hard and to work hard in order to teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, when being a missionary, you have to forget yourself. You have to think about others; to look outward, not inward. I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us and if we just take missionary work (the Lord’s precious time) seriously, coupled with love and understanding towards our fellowmen, I know He will bless us and every experience that we have will surely be great!

I love you all! Until next P-Day (Preparation Day)

Sister Bordeos


First Day At MTC


With my companion, Sister Aberia, from Tacloban. She’s going to serve in the Philippines Baguio Mission



The Mormon District



One thought on “The MTC Experience

  1. Randy Bordeos says:

    Hi Kristelle, its good to hear that you are enjoying your stay at the MTC.. You are beginning to realize now your full potential and develop more of your God given talents to contribute in “brining to pass the immortality and eternal life of man ” (Moses 1:39 from Pearl of Great Price)

    Its good to see also that you have added more friends from your Mormon District. Say hi to them.

    Enjoy and focus on your mission for the next 18 months. We love you and we miss you a lot.



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