Life in Cauayan


Hi family and friends!

Can you believe it? I’m officially a week old missionary in the field. I’m assigned in the Cabatuan Branch, under the Cauayan Zone. This is my first area so I’m really excited to do the Lord’s work. So far, every experience I’ve had as a missionary is amazing. I know that missionary work is difficult but with the help of our Heavenly Father, nothing is impossible! Okay! So, where do I start?

Last December 8, 2016, we arrived in Cauayan. We were supposed to get here by plane. Unfortunately, our flight got canceled. Actually, we were already on the plane, and we were about to land in the Cauayan Airport; but, the plane turned around, and went back to Manila because it can’t land due to weather problems. We, instead, traveled by bus (a 10-12 hour ride) to Cauayan. Although one may think that the experience is tiring, I actually had so much fun. Who knows what could’ve happened if the plane didn’t turn around? And, I got to experience two modes of transportation towards my mission area. What a great adventure!

When we arrived in Cauayan, our mission president and his wife, President and Sister Hiatt, welcomed us and made us feel safe. We had a short orientation about the Philippines Cauayan Mission and its mission culture, which is exact obedience. Then, we got to meet our trainers, or “nanays” and “tatays”, as we call them here. I got to have two “nanays” (trainers/companions) to help me learn and improve a lot better as a missionary.

Sister Velasco and Sister Argañosa are just the greatest. They are so caring and loving. They teach me all things about being an effective missionary. It wasn’t even hard for me to adjust because they are so welcoming. The area itself and its people are very nice. They’re always smiling and they are so generous, as well. I’m really feeling the strength of the Spirit here. The area’s progressing each day because everyone is doing their part in building the Lord’s kingdom here on Earth.

I know I’m just a new missionary but I love it here! I’m witnessing all kinds of miracles from our Heavenly Father every day. The mission life has made me realize how blessed I am, my family, and the people around me; but, I know that His love and blessings are extended to all those who come unto Him.

To those who are still deciding if they want to go on a mission or not, don’t fight the feeling, and just go for it! That doesn’t mean that you won’t prepare and pray about it. Preparation is truly the key in missionary work. The Holy Ghost won’t dwell in you if you’re not prepared. Of course, prayer helps in making righteous decisions and it will also help you grow closer with our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Being a missionary is not easy, but if you truly have the desire to serve, don’t be afraid because the Lord will equal you to the task.

Sister Bordeos

Doctrine & Covenants 11:21
“I just can’t live without doing my best!”


My “Nanays”: Sister Argañosa (Left) and Sister Velasco (Middle)


First Sunday at the Cabatuan Branch


My First District Meeting (Top: Elder Graham, Elder Vane, Elder Sorilla, Elder Malipay; Bottom: Sister Cumpio, Sister Mora, Sister Velasco, Sister Argañosa, and Me)


Dinner with our Investigator, Nanay Agnes


At SM City Cauayan, “You Can Do Whatever You Want” . . . “According to the Will of Our Heavenly Father”, HAHA 😀


On our way to the Ganado Family! I had so much fun walking in the rice field 🙂






One thought on “Life in Cauayan

  1. Randy Bordeos says:

    Its good to see you happy on your missionary work. Keep it up! Just be careful in walking the rice field. Make sure you do not have any woulnds on your feet the next time you try walking out there.
    I believe the people in your area are white and ready to receive the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
    I like the motto of your mission. Obedience is the key to become successful in your missionary work. Always seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost and you will be directed to those people who are ready to become member of the church.


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