Hello 2017!


It has been another great week here in the mission field. Time flies by so fast and I hardly can’t believe it! I’m loving the people that we’re teaching and serving each day.

I had my first splits this week. Splits are companion exchanges. We got to have our splits with our Sister Training Leaders (STL’s), Sister Sauder and Sister Songcuan, in the Cauayan area. We had the exchange last Thursday, December 29, 2016; and on that day, I got to be Sister Sauder’s companion. She’s an amazing missionary and I love being with her throughout the day. I learned a lot from her and it was truly a worthwhile experience.

Throughout the week, we also taught our investigators, our less active members, and recent converts, about starting the year right. Making the Sabbath Day holy is undeniably the best way to start the year; and we are so blessed to have the new year begin on a Sunday. It is so important to attend church on Sundays; because when partaking the sacrament, we can truly feel the Savior’s love, and we remember the covenants we have made with our Heavenly Father. We get to feel the happiness that we felt when we were baptized, and recognize our purpose in this life once again. I’ve learned so much here in the mission field. I have never regretted my decision on becoming a missionary. It’s the best feeling ever and I really can’t hide it 🙂

For the year 2017, I have also set goals in order to be guided by the Holy Ghost everyday and be the best missionary that I can be. Missionary work will never be easy. I’ve also experienced a lot of challenges here but if you remember to look outward (thinking of others constantly) at all times, instead of looking inward (thinking so much of yourself), then missionary work will just be a breeze; and before you know it, you’re not the person you are before. You have become a better version of yourself.


1. Finish the Book of Mormon
2. Be a “Preach My Gospel” Missionary
3. Be a good leader and follower
4. Work hard and Work smart
5. Be a great companion
6. Teach ALWAYS with the Holy Ghost
7. Be humble and Be teachable
8. Develop Christ-like attributes
9. Always look for the good in other people

I just can’t live without doing my best
I will not stop, and I will not rest
The moment when my feet feel weak
I’ll pray for help; His guidance I’ll seek

Sister Bordeos


New Year with the Domincil and Alamani Family


New Year with Nanay Eunice Miguel


New Year with Nanay Beth and Tatay Mario Angco



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