Birthday Week


Hi brothers and sisters!

Another week has passed; and this week, I got to celebrate my 22nd birthday in the mission field. But before anything else, I’d like to introduce you to my newest companion, Sister Wiiri. She’s from Kiribati (from the Pacific Islands). And so, we’re three again in the companionship. However, Sister Wiiri will only be with us for a few weeks until she gets her visa fixed for New Zealand. And guess what? We’re all January babies, so we got to celebrate our birthdays together (Sister Argañosa – January 24; Sister Wiiri – January 27; Me – January 31).

This week, we had a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast in Cauayan. There were a lot of teachings and revelations that came from the members of the missionary department. This includes the changes in key indicators, wherein, we were tasked to focus on our investigators. This would not mean that we would neglect our recent converts and less active members. But indeed, the Lord just shows how we can, as missionaries, firmly establish the church of Jesus Christ here on Earth.

Yesterday, I got to attend my first district conference as a missionary. There were a lot of members from all seven branches of the Cauayan District who also attended the said conference. One lesson I got from the wondrous messages I’ve heard is choosing the Lord first. President Hiatt asked us who we would choose: our family or the Lord? It’s a hard question, isn’t it? But he said that even though he loves Sister Hiatt so much, he won’t risk choosing her for the Lord. Because, he knows that if he’ll choose her, he can’t have her; but, if he chooses the Lord first, he’ll get to have her forever. As a missionary, I’m truly understanding my purpose. I know that I still have more to learn but if I choose Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, first, then I know I can do the impossible.

My birthday week was full of spiritual happiness. The members of Cabatuan Branch were generous enough to help celebrate our birthdays. They’re all kind, loving, and without a doubt, a really wonderful group of people. Heavenly Father has given me so many blessings, and I really couldn’t ask for more. All I can do is to express how grateful I am through missionary work.

Sister Bordeos
“I just can’t live without doing my best!”


Birthday Lunch with the Cabatuan District


Birthday Dinner with the Cusili Family and Quitola Family


Cauayan District Conference


Last Birthday Celebration with Tatay and Nanay Angco



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