My name is Kristelle Marais Alcala Bordeos. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is commonly known as Mormons. I have decided to create this blog in order to document my experiences as a missionary serving in the Philippines Cauayan Mission, and hopefully, I will be able to inspire others to do this “great and marvelous work”.

I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ and because of that I decided to serve. Others may say that I can serve Him in different ways and I don’t need to be a missionary to do great service. Yes! That’s true! However, my decision to become a missionary is not because this is the only way I can think of to serve my Father in Heaven, but I truly and genuinely want to help others find joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel has brought so much happiness to me and my family, and as a sign of gratitude, I want to be able to share the loving message of our Father to other people.